Leo at martha's Vineyard 1996

Leo Wyard, 8 December 1966 - 24 March 2004

Updated March 26 2018

Fourteen long years have gone by since we lost Leo to an undiagnosed heart condition on the early morning of March 24, 2004. We all still miss you, and it feels good to keep this web site around as a shrine to your memory. The guest book is a great place to share thoughts that we have but can't express to you directly.

Sadly our uncle Michael passed away in December 2015, but he left behind some childhood photgraphs of us that he had never shown us in his lifetime. One of them is the picture below that shows you running alongside your brother Greg (me!) sometime in 1970 when you would've been 4.

This may sound irreverent to those who don't know you, but I'm going to sign off the way you used to when we'd talk on the phone. Instead of "goodbye", you would cheerfully say "Ok, fuck you!", then hang up.

your brother Greg